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Selected Recordings as a leader/co-leader

"Refuge Trio" (Winter and Winter 910 149-2), featuring vocalist Theo Bleckmann, percussionist John Hollenbeck, and myself on piano, accordion, and keyboards.

This one's been a long time coming...we all wrote some music, plus did a couple of interesting covers. I'm very proud of this band...I think the combination of acoustic piano/accordion/keyboards, Theo's voice and effects, and John's multi-instrumental abilities give this group a unique sound!!

"Outside In" (Criss Cross 1298), featuring Donny McCaslin, Adam Rogers, and Clarence Penn.

Decided to try and focus more on writing material specifically for this date and

combination of musicians. I was lucky to have them...






Selected Recordings as a sideman

"The Nuttree Quartet - Standards" (Kind of Blue 10023).

A quartet featuring Jerry Bergonzi, John Abercrombie, Adam Nussbaum, and myself on organ.

Adam assembled the stellar lineup - i was honored to be included.


John Ellis - "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" (Hyena 9365).

"Doublewide" - An interesting quartet featuring John Ellis (ten), Matt Perrine (sousaphone),

Jason Marsalis on drums, and I play organ and accordion.


Loren Stillman - "Blind Date" (Pirouet 3024).

I play piano in this quartet featuring Loren's brilliant writing and alto playing, Drew Gress on bass, and Joey Baron on drums.


Matt Wilson - "The Scenic Route" (PM 2122).

w/Matt Wilson's 'Arts and Crafts' band, featuring Terrell Stafford, Dennis Irwin, Matt,

and myself on piano, organ, and accordion. Di Dit.


Brad Shepik - "Places You Go" (Songlines SGL SA1562-2).

Organ trio featuring Brad Shepik on guitar and Tom Rainey on drums.

I'm lucky to be in this band.


Joe Magnarelli - "Hoop Dreams" (Criss Cross 1280).

Joe's great writing and trumpet playing. Also featuring Peter Bernstein, Paul Gill, and

Tony Reedus. I play the piano.


Lee Konitz - "Organic Lee" (SCCD 31599).

Possibly the most hysterical album cover of all time! I knew I'd make history somehow.

Duo - alto and organ...what? Yup. You heard right. I tried some stuff. Lee, of course, sounds great.


Jonathan Kreisberg - "New For Now" (Criss Cross 1266).

Organ trio featuring Jonathan Kreisberg on guitar, and Mark Ferber on drums.

Jonathan's tunes, plus a couple of standards.


John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble: "A Blessing" (OmniTone 15209).

I play piano on this features John's beautiful writing for big

band, and the work of many talented soloists including Theo Bleckmann,

Chris Speed, Kermit Driscoll, Matt Moran, and several others.


Maria Schneider - "Concert in the Garden" (artistShare).

I play accordion on the first piece, trading phrases with pianist

Frank Kimbrough. Amazing writing, an incredible band. Maria used the accordion

in such a cool way...the ensemble parts were as much fun to play as the solo.

This record was a Grammy-winner - congratulations to Maria!!



More listings when i have time...
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